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We are proud to create awareness and participation on issues of social change and justice, through drama education.

gamesmaster-badgeEveryday Theatre is an interactive programme that runs in Year 7 & 8 classes, creating a safe forum for young people to talk about family relationships through a facilitated applied theatre workshop.  Since it began in 2004 the programme has worked with over 70,000 participants.

To find out when Everyday Theatre will be touring in your area, please email everyday@appliedtheatre.co.nz

In Everyday Theatre, the audience becomes participants who work to unravel the issues of a fictitious dysfunctional family via theatre techniques framed within the safety of a video game structure.

Generally, one to two classes gather in a shared space to view a 15-minute performance. The performance tells a fictional story of a family experiencing abuse, in the format of a video game. A games master invites the students to help get through the four levels of the game. At this point the classes go back to their home rooms and each class is led through the drama process in the video game by one or two of the teacher/actors.

At different times, the game requires the students to consider the perspectives of the victims and perpetrators of abuse, of witnesses and of bystanders. This is achieved through a range of dramatic conventions carefully stepped to reinforce understandings and to allow the participants to grow confidence in their ability to tell and analyse the story.

At each stage, participants are reminded that they are playing a video game. This is done by achieving part of a password towards the next level in the game. When they have the full password, ‘Every child has hopes and dreams’ they become games masters themselves.

The unique and engaging format has seen Everyday Theatre invited to showcase at many international conferences on applied theatre and community arts, including in the England, Eire, Australia and Singapore.

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